Refund Policy






Roflon provides Money-Back Guarantee policy and also ensures your satisfaction. Moreover, if the Product could not perform in accordance with Product specifications and you’re not completely happy with the Product you have purchased. Here, Roflon will provide you the best services and you can get a full refund within 30 days of initial Purchase.

If the product you purchased does not give you satisfaction for any reason, Roflon offers a money-back guarantee. Moreover, this guarantee is available on most of our products which all in all is quality service provided by Roflon. Eligibility for a refund depends on several factors which include many terms. Few of them are written below :

  • Type of product.
  • Duration of time since you purchased it.
  • Where was the product purchased, and so on…

If you receive a refund for your purchase, you must uninstall the software in accordance with your license agreement. In addition, your license might not function to prevent further use.

What is not refundable?

Shipping charges, handling charges, and any applicable tax which was on the product is not refundable. On the contrary, these items are refundable in certain states and countries.

Who is eligible?

Individual or Small Business Company who make a request within 30 days of the purchase are eligible for the refund.

Roflon does not provide partial refunds.

If you are an individual user and have acquired the products or services covered under this program for your personal or small business use. You can cancel your purchase from Roflon and obtain a refund within a set time frame from the original purchase.

If the purchase is outside of the Above mentioned time frames, the refund will be denied.