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5 Answers To Fix Kaspersky Error

Struggling Kaspersky Installation Error can be a disturbing issue for anyone, as it poses a threat to your essential files and data. It is one of the most frequent problems that users are facing nowadays. We offer online help to clients to productively manage the issues identified with Kaspersky Antivirus Help. Anti-virus programs have evolved over the years to deal with all types of cyber-threat. We will explain 5 Solutions for Kaspersky Installation Ended Prematurely Because of an Error.

Kaspersky Antivirus and Internet Security items have generally endured with a blunder amid the setup procedure which forestalls introduce and requests a reboot to proceed. In the wake of restarting, the issue remains:

“Installation interrupted”

“Installation ended prematurely because of an error.”

1. Fix Kaspersky Error :: A Leftover Registry Key

There is a registry key which can be made while uninstalling an older version of Kaspersky and for reasons unknown this key gets left behind after a reboot. You have to expel a key called avp**_post_uninstall from your library. The ** matches upto a version number of Kaspersky which never expelled the key. Just follow the simple steps below to remove the key from the registry

  1. Hold Win key+R or go to Start – > Run, type regedit and click OK.
  2. Explore to:


  1. Extend Run and search for a library key avp**_post_uninstall. For instance, you may discover one called avp12_post_uninstall.
  2. Right tap on the avp**_post_uninstall key and select Delete.
3.Expand Run and look for a registry key avp**_post_uninstall. For example, you might find one called avp12_post_uninstall.
4.Right click on the avp**_post_uninstall key and select Delete.

5. Now try to install the Kaspersky product as normal and hopefully the error message has disappeared during install.
This is a fast and straightforward fix and worth checking, regardless of whether you’re certain you haven’t introduced Kaspersky already. Note that this vault enter won’t appear in most startup tuning instruments, for example, CCleaner or Glary Utilities and should be checked physically.

2. Fix Kaspersky Error :: Traces of a Previous Security Package

One of the most common causes for the “Installation ended prematurely because of an error” message is the Kaspersky setup has found traces from another security package that is getting in the way and stopping the installation going any further.

On the off chance that you recognize what has been introduced previously

Download and run the instrument for each brand you’ve had introduced on the PC, this likewise incorporates past adaptations of a Kaspersky item. Kaspersky have their own antivirus removal tools webpage  with similar tools and recommendations

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On the off chance that you don’t recognize what has been introduced previously

Because you have no clue what security programming has been introduced previously, you clearly can’t download and run an explicit evacuation apparatus. Fortunately a program called AppRemover can recognize and expel extra information from numerous security applications including the most prominent of Norton, McAfee, Bitdefender, Eset, AVG, Avira, Avast and obviously Kaspersky

Kaspersky help

Download and Run the AppRemover and wait for the results of the system scan. If any security software leftovers are detected you’ll have the opportunity to select them for removal. Then you can try to install your Kaspersky product again after a reboot .

3.  Fix Kaspersky Error> :: A System Cache File

The issue can be caused by the file INFCACHE.1 which could contain tainted data. INFCACHE.1 is utilized to store data about drivers and inf document areas. To expel this document:

For Windows XP

It’s less demanding to erase the INFCACHE.1 file in XP in light of the fact that it’s not secured by the framework. Press Win key+R and type cmd into the run box to open an order fast, at that point type:

del C:\Windows\inf\infcache.1

Reboot the system and retry the Kaspersky installation. You can additionally simply just browse to the file in Explorer albeit “show all files” needs to be enabled in folder view options to visually perceive it.

For Windows Vista and 7

In Windows Vista and 7 INFCACHE.1 is ensured by framework authorizations and can’t just be erased, you should be the proprietor first. Download Take Proprietorship which is a correct snap menu section to pick up responsibility for and envelopes. Double tap the reg document in the chronicle to import the information into your vault, at that point explore to:


Right tap on INFCACHE.1 and select “Take Ownership” from the setting menu. At that point erase the INFCACHE.1 file.

 Fix Kaspersky Error

The other document in the zip file can be utilized to evacuate the Take Ownership in the event that you have no more use for it. Reboot the framework and attempt the introduce once more. INFCACHE.1 is absent in Windows 8/8.1.

4.Fix Kaspersky Error :: Other Security Software Causing a Conflict

However, Kaspersky products can detect better installed and incompatible software. Apart from that, the issues can still arise from the software, and it causes the installation failure. Therefore the best fix, in this case, is to uninstall any security system that you are using with Kaspersky. You can have only one realtime antimalware product installed.  Having more than one will cause performance problems and system instability

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5. Fix Kaspersky Error :: The HOSTS File and the Registry

We recommend you simply download Microsoft Fix It 50267  which will automatically reset the HOSTS file on Windows XP, Vista and 7. Windows 8 users will have to do it manually, this Microsoft support page  tells you how to reset the HOSTS file for any Windows OS manually back to default.

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we prescribe CCleaner or Glary for forceful cleaning Utilities despite the fact that to expel progressively cloud library keys, something all the more incredible might be required. PowerTools Light 2013 is a standout amongst the most intensive vault cleaners accessible and suggested for this errand. 1. Download PowerTools Light 2013 , introduce and dispatch the program. 2. Snap “Vault More clean”. On the off chance that you have no security programming right now introduced, so click “Extra Wellbeing” and untick “Antivirus and Antimalware programming” and “Firewall programming”, this advises the program not to overlook security programming when filtering. 3. Hit Begin and let the output finish, press Ctrl+A to choose all passages in the rundown and then click Fix.
Close the program and try to install Kaspersky after rebooting

Kaspersky Antivirus

This program comes with safe browsing. This means when you use a search engine to find a site, Kaspersky will display a small icon next to each search result to let you know which sites are safe to visit and which are dangerous. Trying these simple steps should resolve the installation error. But if you are still struggling with the problem, then you can get assistance from our Technical Support experts. If you are not able to fix the problem yourself, we are here to help you out. As mentioned, we can always help you out. Connect with our teams of expert professionals working round the clock with the best possible solutions.

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