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E-mail security

Watchdog E-mail-Security has one job to do and that is to provide you with the best
E-mail-Security. Thus keeps your E-mail-Security its top priority. Protects your infrastructure from email attacks, email viruses, and harmful content and gives the best e-mail-security. Moreover, we examine suspicious URLs and detect phishing emails making your e-mail security a top priority. Further, viruses and other critical file attachments are reliably removed and quarantined which enhances e-mail-security.


  • Recursive virus scanning of all emails and file attachments in real time, both event- and time-controlled.
  • Parallel use of several virus scanners from leading third-party publishers.
  • Incremental virus scan of only new emails or specific mailboxes.
  • Identification of file attachments via unique, tamper-proof file patterns (fingerprints).
  • Identification and blocking off of unwanted files in PDF attachments.
  • Creation and use of enterprise-specific fingerprints.
  • Definition of file restrictions through the combination of file name, file extension, and file size.
  • Application of file restrictions on archives (e.g., ZIP, RAR).
  • Virus scanning of encrypted emails in combination with iQ.Suite Crypt Pro
  • Optional integration of cloud-based recognition technology to ward unknown threats (zero-day exploits).