How to install Mcafee on Secondary Computer

We will guide you how to install Mcafee on Secondary computer .If you are struggling with any Mcafee Antivirus Issue, Stop worrying and directly call us on our Toll-free Mcafee Support Number. Our Customer Service Executives will provide you with proper guidance. Don’t Hesitate To call us. we are just a call away.

Follow the below-given steps provided by Mcafee Support.

Use these steps to start installing your McAfee product on a secondary computer, such as your child’s PC or Mac, from your primary PC or Mac. For example, you can send an installation link from your main computer, and have your child click the link to complete the installation on their computer.

Step 1: On the primary computer where you want to start the process

  1. Go to
  2. Click My Account.
  3. Click Sign In.
  4. Type:
    • The email address for your McAfee account.
    • The password for your McAfee account.
  5. Click Log in.

Step 2: Send a download link to the secondary computer

  1. Hover your mouse over My Account.
  2. Click Subscriptions.
  3. Click Add Device next to the product you want to install.
  4. Select the Windows or Mac device type.
  5. Click Send Link, then:
    1. Type the email address for an email account on the PC or Mac that you want to install to.
    2. Click Send Email. An email with a download link is sent to the computer you want to install to.

Step 3: On the secondary computer

  1. Open the email application.
  2. Open the email from McAfee.
  3. Click the download link in the email.
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

If the install to your Windows PC fails, you might need to run the Pre-Install tool.

We hope you have learned how to install McAfee on secondary computer. Let us know in the comment Section below

If you face any problem while following these steps you can call on McAfee Activation Technical Support at +1-800-378-0714

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